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NucleoTNC PCB Enclosure

This is a black anodized aluminum enclosure for the NucleoTNC PCB.  This fits the Rev B NucleoTNC PCB.  (The Rev A board will work, but the power LED will need to be bent into position.)  The assembled enclosure is 103x71x25mm.

This enclosure comes with two metal halves that fit together, a front face plate with holes for the indicator LEDS and a a rear plate with holes for the Nucleo32 USB connector, the reset button, and the 3.5mm jack.  The front and rear plates are made of FR-4 PCB material and have white and silver lettering.

The Nucleo32 board must be raised off the PCB by 1.6mm using a spacer in order fit in the case.  The Nucleo32 should be properly soldered to the PCB, rather then press-fit into the PCB to prevent accidental shorts and possible damage to the Nucleo32 board.

You will receive a metal enclosure in two parts, a front plate, a rear plate, and 8 M2.5x5mm screws.

You will need a 2mm hex driver or allen wrench to assemble the enclosure.

Shipping Notice

While we are out of stock on TNCs, we will only ship twice a week, generally Monday and Thursday.

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We do not ship to Russia or the Ukraine. We have many satisfied customers in those countries using remailers to get their Mobilinkd TNCs.

Customers outside the US are responsible for all local taxes, import duties, tariffs, and fees.

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