Mobilinkd is still open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the state of Illinois is on lockdown, we are a home-based
business. We will continue to accept orders as long as the postal
service continues to accept packages. USPS is reporting service
delays, so please expect your orders to take longer to arrive


Mobilinkd LLC makes the best portable digital communication devices for the amateur radio enthusiast.  Our devices are easy to use and highly portable.  We make inexpensive, open, and easy to use packet radio products that integrate seamlessly with modern mobile platforms.  Our hardware and software are completely open and we encourage our customers to hack on  the board and the software.

Started in June 2013 by Rob (WX9O) and Janice Riggs and based in Chicago, Illinois, it grew out of a small project that started with a few innocuous holiday gifts: a soldering iron, an Arduino and a multimeter.

Lots of long nights and a lot of encouragement from fellow Hams resulted in a workable TNC.  Many more hours were put in to make it a product that was not just usable by others, but that would be a joy to use by others.  We hope you enjoy your Mobilinkd TNC.

We stand behind our products.  If you are ever not satisfied, return the TNC for a full refund.

To contact us, please send email to

Shipping Notice

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected global commercial air traffic. This is effecting international mail delivery around the globe. Due to the extreme delays in int'l mail, we are only shipping outside the US via UPS and Priority Express mail.

Orders are typically processed within 48 hours (24 hours for Priority and Express shipments). First Class Mail is $2.95 domestic, $15 international (outside US).

We now offer free domestic shipping on orders over $100!

We offer UPS shipping options for expedited international shipments. There may be assessed an additional customs broker fee, payable on delivery, when using this service.

For our German customers, please consider purchasing from Funktechnik Dathe. They offer excellent local sales, service and support.

We do not ship to Russia or the Ukraine. We have many satisfied customers in those countries using remailers to get their Mobilinkd TNCs.

Customers outside the US are responsible for all local taxes, import duties, tariffs, and fees.

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