Mobilinkd TNC4

The Mobilinkd TNC4 builds upon the success of the TNC3, offering improved battery life, high baud rate performance, and a USB-C connector. 

The TNC4 boasts 

  • Bluetooth 4.2 support (dual-mode EDR/LE) iOS Compatible
  • USB serial port
  • DCD and TX indicator LEDs
  • Powerful DSP and modem
  • High dynamic range ADCs and DACs
  • Buffered inputs and outputs
  • Input amplifier for improved input level matching across a wider range of radios
  • Optimized for packet radio & M17 data modes
  • 900mAh rechargeable battery lasts for 2 full days

The TNC4 is designed for both APRS and general packet use.  It is designed to interface with a wide range of mobile and base stations (as well as HTs).

**NEW** the TNC4 uses a USB-C connector for charging and USB serial connections, support for M17 data modes, and a precision oscillator (TCXO) for improved symbol timing.

The TNC4 is a 1200/9600 baud KISS TNC. It is capable of AFSK, GFSK and 4-FSK modulation.

This tiny KISS packet modem is battery powered and can run for 48 hours of continuous use.  Small and lightweight, the TNC measures 80x42x15mm (3.1x1.6x0.6") and weighs in at just 48g (1.75oz).

Please download and review the Mobilinkd TNC4 User's Guide.  We do not ship a manual with the TNC in order to keep costs down.

What you will need:


  • 80x42x15mm
  • 48g


The TNC4 is configured via Bluetooth from a smartphone app for iOS and Android.  The configuration app is available from the App Store and Google Play.

Download from the App Store
Get it on Google Play

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