Mobilinkd TNC2.2

Get the TNC featured in  Jerry Clement, VE6AB's excellent article in the May 2015 edition of QST Magazine APRS In Your Pocket.

Please note that the TNC2 is not compatible with iOS devices.  For iPhone and iPad, please check out the new TNC3.

APRS for the Ham on the go!  This is a highly mobile Bluetooth-connected TNC for use with HTs and other mobile devices.  One cable connects this 1200 baud TNC to the radio.  That's it!  (Cable sold separately.)  Connect to your favorite software on your mobile device, such as APRSdroid or APRSISCE/32.  It will work with any APRS software that speaks the KISS protocol.

The TNC body is a custom injection-molded case.  Very light-weight and durable.  It is designed to handle the rigors of portable and mobile use.  We custom designed the case to keep the TNC small and ultra-portable.

This tiny packet modem is battery powered and can run for 48 hours of continuous use.  Small and lightweight, the TNC measures 80x42x15mm (3.1x1.6x0.6") and weighs in at just 48g (1.75oz).  If you are backpacking and every ounce counts, this is the TNC for you!  And when the battery gets low, it has a built-in charger to recharge the battery in just a few hours.  It can also run continuously plugged in to a USB port for power.

Best of all, the software running on the TNC is completely open source and hackable.  The board contains both a boot-loader and an ISP port to upload new firmware to the board.

The TNC supports CSMA (carrier sense multiple access) to respect other APRS users.  The TNC supports both audio sense for squelched audio and data carrier detection for open squelch use.

Please download and review the Mobilinkd TNC2 User's Guide.  We do not ship a manual with the TNC in order to keep costs down.

What you get:

  • TNC2
  • Ferrite bead for the TNC cable

What you will need:

Connectors on the TNC:

  • 3.5mm TRRS (4-pole) Audio Connector for audio in/out and PTT.
  • Micro-USB Charging Port


  • Momentary Contact On/Off switch
  • Externally accessible reset switch


  • 900mAh Li-Ion; good for 2-3 days of continuous use.


  • 80x42x15mm
  • 48g


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